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I was hit by a drunk driver and I've never been able to work again and I have aHome that's

Angel 1954 started this conversation
I was hit by a drunk driver and I've never been able to work again and I have a Home that's everything wrong with it .. I have a sister that stays with me from time to time who has as had a stroke at the age of 49 and my son his wife and I really try to help each other..... there really isn't enough room for all of us I have three granddaughters my son his wife myself ... my sister stays with us sometimes.who is crippled ...some of the time.all of us try to help's cold there in the winter time because the heat bills run about $600 or more a mo and I'm on disability and it is very hard to make it and I struggle each and every month I try not taking money from my son because he doesn't make much hey give me $100 a month and it's just been really hard I'll never be able to work again in my life when that drunk hit me 1997 it took away my has never been the same I have not been able to work or to do anything and my son moved in to help me and I is this a three bedroom home and there is 6 people living in the House..then sometimes if my sister comes at my house she's not livin with us but she is family. ... and I don't really have a whole lot of room I don't even have any privacy for myself the rooms I got a big living room but the bedrooms are small is not enough space for everyone to sleep if you could help that would be fantastic thank you so much .....
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Summer1999   in reply to Angel 1954
There are so many drunk drivers out there. One would think the police were more dilligent in getting them locked up. Well, it has alot to do with the judges let them fall thru the cracks. A lawyer gives a sob story, it's a first offense, my client is willing to go to rehab, and then AA Meetings.
Soon as they are out of court, they head straight for a cold one. That night someone looses a loved one or has a loved one depending on someone to take care of them.
In NC you are required to u r required to have libality insurance to protect the other person injuried.
What state are you in? You may be able to sue for personal injury.
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Angel 1954   in reply to Summer1999
thank you so much summer that was very nice of you yeah I pay all my bills and take care of my family myself pretty much is not been really busy at all that this got so hard ball in I got hit by a drunk driver just took away my life changed my whole life put me into a depression but I'm a strong willed person and I hold my head up and I try to be very independent and I do the best that I can do thank you for keeping me in your prayers
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Hi Angel.
I' m so sorry for unhappiness that has come to be. We just never know what the next day will hold. We work hard all our lives, sadly one would think we had more to for our labor. I will keep you in my prayers.
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